Source from the Past

You will choose ONE document, called a “Source from the Past,” from the list found in the complete

Paper InstructionsPreview the document posted in the Modules section. In all documents the author was an eyewitness to an event and therefore included only his or her observations and not necessarily all relevant factual information. You will explain what your document says about the event or time period and who the author is.You will then choose at least one factual history source. This source must be written by a professional historian and contain a factual account of the event or time period described in your document. You will use this source to describe the event and how the information in your Source from the Past or the opinions expressed by the author of your Source from the Past are similar to or different from the facts in your scholarly source.I am doing the source from the past from my history book “traditions and encounters a global perspective on the past” and comparing and contrasting with chapter 6 from the book “Rebel Daughters”. The source from the past is one page that I can email you a picture of and the chapter is only like 6 pages that I can email you pictures of also. It has to be 1,100 words.

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