Tasks Conduct a Content Audit on Your Brand – for


Conduct a Content Audit on Your Brand – for this project you will utilize a provided Content Audit template to evaluate the current Content Marketing efforts for your brand. Your evaluation will include reviewing Owned Media, Earned Media, Paid Media, and User-generated content. You will conclude your audit with a recommendation for what your brand could do to improve its use of content to connect with target audiences. (Content Audit Template posted in Canvas – Earned, Owned, Paid, User) – 3 pieces each category.

For each content piece, you need to evaluate and record the following:

  • What and where – what is the content and where did you find it?
  • The main message – does it track with what you believe about the brand messaging?
  • Target audience – is the content designed to connect with the right audience and in the right place?
  • Call to action – is there some kind of directive in the content?
  • Further steps – what other further steps are within the content piece?
  • Metric used for measurement – what metrics do you think are being used to monitor effectiveness?

The video attached further explains what you’re doing

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