The annotated bibliography for your 4 selected human resource topics

The annotated bibliography for your 4 selected human resource topics must consist of at least 10
reputable, practitioner sources (ex. SHRM) or scholarly journals.  Government websites (FLSA,
EEO, etc.) can also count towards your sources (note some government websites will not be a
match – such as the dress code for the Wisconsin’s FDA investigators.  The .gov isn’t
automatically an applicable source.   Be in current APA format, and contain persistent links so
others may have instant access. Include a proper title page.  It is recommended that you review
the HRPP paper instructions within the class (which explains the HRPP in more detail and has
policy suggestions) and the writing center’s annotated bibliography example (linked below). 

It is highly recommended that you use Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Library online
resources. A librarian is available to assist you in all matters pertaining to conducting your
research, including what constitutes a scholarly article (reputable, professional and/or scholarly
journals, and/or informational venues that deal with the content of the course).

The Jerry Falwell Library librarian has asked that the following be shared:
Articles in Business Source Premier have a “Permalink” you can use to post in your
assignment. The permalink, in most cases, will allow anyone to access your article.
Articles in Business Source Complete have a “Permalink” you can use in your
assignment. The Permalink should allow anyone to access your article. To get the
Permalink, look the article up in Business Source Complete and click the article title.
Then click the “Permalink” link that appears in the right column. 

The annotations are designed to help your classmates better understand and more easily learn
about your topic. The annotation is not a normal required component of APA; rather, it is a
specific additional requirement for this assignment. Note the following regarding your annotated
 An annotated bibliography is a list of the journals and resources you used.
 Each citation is followed by a brief paragraph (at least 150 words) that is descriptive and
evaluative—the annotation.
 The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and
quality of the sources cited.

Do not cut and paste from your sources, as this constitutes plagiarism. Regardless of the reason,
in the event of plagiarism, you will receive 0 points for the entire assignment


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