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Your assignment is to offer a brief summary of the readings and all of the audiovisual components, including television shows and online videos. In addition, you are to offer your analysis of the current state of the educational system in the United States. Offer an analysis as well as a scholarly and relevant interpretive discussion. In your discussion, incorporate your lived experiences. Are your experiences from the perspective of a dominant racial (White), gender (male), and/or social (middle class or wealthy) group member? Or are your experiences from the perspective of one who fits into none of these categories? If that is the case, you fall into the minority group(s). Have you or someone you know had any relevant experiences that you deem worth discussing? Finally, how might the Scholar-Activist Paradigm be incorporated into the educational system? This could include K-12 but also higher learning experiences. Keep in mind that Africana Studies is a field, which means that it incorporates many disciplines. For example, your discussion on education is not limited to education, but may also include sociology, psychology, history, and discussions on race, class, gender, physical ability, religion, sexual orientation, etc. If the Scholar-Activist Paradigm seeks to empower persons from their own lived experiences and to increase their life expectations, what can Scholar-Activism do in terms of education?

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