The Personal Computer

 Summary Identify type of source (article from scholarly journal/newspaper, book chapter, website etc.) Evaluate the credibility of source (may be suggested or implied) Summarize the source: Main claim and main reasons Evaluation Explain how the source connects and will be useful for your research project/argument. This explanation should be a separate paragraph from the rest of the annotation. WHY should you write an Annotated Bibliography? To learn about your topic You are forced to read source more carefully You will be able to develop a thesis that is debatable, interesting and current. You will understand the issues surrounding the topic more clearly, which will make it easier to develop your own point of view. FORMAT/DIRECTIONS for Creating an ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Use MLA format heading (the same as for a regular writing assignment.) Under the heading, center the topic, followed by “An Annotated Bibliography: Example: Anti-Bullying Laws: An Annotated Bibliography Example: Preventing Bullying: An Annotated Bibliography Under the topic: The Thesis Statement for your essay. (Exactly what point are you going to make in this essay?) The Bibliographic Information: A Works Cited Entry for the source as it would appear on your works cited page Bibliographic Information (Works Cited Entry) and Annotations should be placed in alphabetical order by author’s last name. 

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