The topic is Inclusive City. I have developed an application

The topic is Inclusive City. I have developed an application that is mainly related to data visualisation. It solely focuses on accessibility needs of the people(mainly wheelchair and visually impaired users currently). The data is visualised and shown in the map as circles with different colors(one color per accessibility). The size of the circle is determined by the number of reviews each place has. The more the number of reviews, the big the circle is. Places can be any place like restaurants, museums, malls..etc The user can add a review for any place(review is solely based on accessibility and nothing else).

In short, the application is like a tripadvisor for accessibility only. There is a list view so that the screen readers will be able to read as many visually impaired users will find it difficult to access the map. I have attached few snapshots of the application.

I want a Literature Review section of minimum 5000 words backed up with references for my dissertation report. I will need it in 5-6 days.

The section should mainly include:

* Brief introduction about Inclusive City(Why cities should be accessible)

* Challenges facing the disabled people

* Why is there a need to build an application that would benefit the disabled

* The local disabled population

* Related Work

* How this application can benefit them

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