“The Triumph of Christianity,”

Part 1 After listening to Terry Gross’ NPR Fresh Air interview of Bart Ehrman, author of “The Triumph of Christianity,” what two or three fresh insights about the founding of Christianity did you take away from it? https://www.npr.org/2018/03/20/595161200/author-traces-christianitys-path-from-forbidden-religion-to-a-triumph%20 Part 2 Note the example of religious pluralism mapping focused on the Whidbey Island, Washington community in the “Resources” folder. Similarly, map the religious pluralism in your local community using screen shots from Google Maps and similar Google Search terms. Those are: Simply assemble your screen-shot images in a single document for posting along with your response to the following prompt – “What did you learn about your home community’s religious plurality from this exercise?” (Home town Sacramento)

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