Theoretical conceptualization of post deployment mental health.

The purpose of this case study assignment is to encourage the theoretical conceptualization of post-deployment mental health problems. You examined some theories of psychopathology in this course. Please consider these and other psychological theories that help our understanding of mental health problems. Like a good road map, a well-grounded theoretical understanding of mental health problems can be especially helpful in those moments when you might be uncertain how to proceed to be helpful to a particular individual or family. But, all the theory in the world is just an intellectual exercise unless it can be applied in a compassionate, experiential way to an actual human being. In this assignment, in the context of either your first case diagnosis, to prepare a treatment plan, with your choice of theory and model to be used as well as at least 2 interventions and the reason for your choice in using a specific intervention. You will need to have the complete diagnosis from Case 1 that will help guide you. This is both a plan and a narrative. Please write 2-3 pages in addition to your revised (you must integrate feedback provided) first case where you introduced the client and diagnosis (800-1,200 word), 11.5 font Calibri or New Times Roman Please write consistently with APA style. Please see the case study rubric for the grading criteria. Case Study 2 will contribute 15% to your course grade. Write a treatment plan, with both short and long range goals. You may choose two models (one might fit better short term, for example) but you must be consistent. Your plan should outline number of sessions and goals of treatment. Please use the outline as provided to you.

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