This class does not have discussion boards. The Regent University

 This class does not have discussion boards. The Regent University Economics faculty have established and maintained a blog called Economics is Everywhere. Use the link provided in the announcement. Instead of a discussion board requirement, ALL online economics classes participate in the blog. You are encouraged to participate frequently, but there are two weeks (Weeks 2 and 6) in which your participation is for a grade. You are expected to post at least three quality posts on or by the time those weeks are concluded that use the material we have discussed. You can respond to any post from any class or professor or post your own original post. It is a chance to interact with students and faculty from all over the world and in all the Economics classes that are ongoing in the semester. Including at least one reference in APA format per week is important. This site helps with citing:
Below are links to some good public economics blogs to give you ideas on how to respond to blog posts. These all have links to many other blogs if you want ideas and to see how others do this.

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