This course is the capstone to CTU’s BSBA HR concentration.

This course is the capstone to CTU’s BSBA HR concentration. Using what you have learned in the program as well as the resources provided, this assignment will seek to assess your knowledge by asking questions that a HR professional may face working in the global environment. Using the resources and CTU Library, please answer the following questions:

  • How might HR apply the accounting principle of auditing to uncover financial mismanagement on an employee’s expense reports? 
  • How can a HR manager use ethical decision making to solve a problem with employees who are not appropriately using information technology for business operations? 
  • Companies often use marketing principles to advertise open positions. What marketing principles and HR policies could be used to ensure that recruiting practices reflect diversity and inclusion? 
  • How do positive labor relations contribute to successful strategic management

Access the assignment template by clicking on this link: see Attached

Links to articles:


Ethical decision making:

Marketing principles:

positive labor relation:

Strategic management video:

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