Title transformation This is the rubric to follow. The Nursing Assignment Help

Title transformation 

This is the rubric to follow. The PowerPoint has the info. I would like  to make a poem with it. Compose a poem with the informations. The title should be transformation and please see attach link below

Module 6: Stepping Stones – Individual Reflection


I believe that clarifying the meaning or significance of events that occurred throughout the semester will contribute to the pleasurable experience of progress or forward movement. This Stepping Stones exercise will help you to achieve this objective.    

Unlike most of your assignments, the Stepping Stones exercise does not require that you think logically or rationally. Instead, what is called for is a relaxed, calm, or meditative state of mind. Knowing how to meditate is not required! There are many ways of eliciting relaxation.  Present Moment Awareness is best suited for beginners or type A doers.

Step One: Prepare

Find a quiet, peaceful, comfortable place. Sit with your eyes closed.  Try to calm your body and your breathing. Set your intention to relax. Focus on the present moment.  Pay close attention to everything happening—the sensations in your body, the thoughts swimming in your mind, the noises you hear. With present moment awareness, you’re observing as everything comes and goes in your awareness. Accept the natural distractions that come to mind and allow them to pass.

Step Two: Reflect

After 10-20 minutes, come out of the meditative state gently and begin the Stepping Stones Exercise and do the following:

Look back on Weeks 1–14 and moments you experienced privately, with your teammates over the course of the semester.

Reflect on all the topics learned during the last 14 weeks and relate them to the course objectives and the program goals. Which assignment/s and topic/s align/s or that you can say you have achieved. Articulate an example or two to prove this learning connection.

As you reflect, write down ten meaningful moments that occurred throughout the semester. List or write these stepping stones down as they present themselves to you.

When you have completed your list, read them aloud and allow a theme or word to come to mind that reflects your overall experience.

Step Three: Share

Write and save the topic/s and assignment/s from this course that you determine align/s with the course objective/s and program goal/s. You are encouraged to share them in this assignment, as well as include them in the Self-Reflection Log for ePortfolio assignment (in this module) that will help you prepare for N708.

Once you have captured a theme, consider how you would like to share it with your team. For example, you can simply state and explain the theme or word. Or you can draw a simple picture, image, mandala, or compose a poem that captures your theme.

10 meaningful moments


Program goal

Team work effort

Self integration

Team critique another team presentation


group communication


Team stay connected

Assignment achieved

I would like to have a powerpoint presentation

GNT,Midle range Theory



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