To begin to appreciate the promotional process, it is useful

 To begin to appreciate the promotional process, it is useful to understand what customers need to hear and how they need to hear it.  There is an art to the timing and the content.  Watch this video to begin. 

Assignment Questions:

 Design a predictive communication process with a global perspective Using the 4 steps in the video/lecture (Attached).  As always, it is essential to get feedback and perspective from an additional classmate/collaborator.   

Scenario: A small company is going to launch a new workshop or book and needs to create international ‘buzz’ for the launch.  Consider any incentives that could help.  After they sign up, what additional information will they need to know and when?

1. Describe your version of the scenario – the type of company, product, event, etc.  Then design a communication series for a fictional upcoming event.

2. Decide what content/info needs to go in each email and when it needs to be sent out.  Present this in a content mgt. style timeline (i.e., content calendar or chart).

3. Discuss your rationale for the timing of the emails

4. Discuss what global/multi-cultural perspectives you need to consider and apply in your communication process.

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