Using information from the lecture, Identify which event listed above


  • Using information from the lecture, 
    1. Identify which event listed above you believe made the biggest impact on Western Civilization.
      • You must choose one and only one (do not describe all three)- The Black Death, the Hundred Years’ War, or the Great Western Schism.
      • Keep in mind that “biggest impact” may be considered negative, positive, or both.
    2. Describe the event
      • State when the event occurred (I’m looking for dates or centuries)
      • Fully explain what caused the event (make sure to fully explain this. Some of these events have multiple causes)
      • Fully explain what happened during the event
    3. Fully discuss the consequences of your chosen event.
      • If you discuss the Black Death, explain how it impacted the economy, art, and literature (make sure to discuss all three).
      • If you discuss the Hundred Years’ War, explain how it affected weapons and language.
      • If you discuss the Great Western Schism, explain how it impacted the religious ideas of people and respect for the pope
    4. Fully explain why you believe the event you chose made the biggest impact.
      • You may refer back to some of the information you provided when describing the event to explain your choice.

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