Watch the following videos: “10 Minutes with Geert Hofstede on

  1. Watch the following videos:
    1. “10 Minutes with Geert Hofstede on Long versus Short Term Orientation”
    2. “Alexandre Havard on Virtuous Leadership”
    3. “How to Identify a Good Leader – 5 minutes with Prof. Alexandre Havard”
  2. Review the Hofstede on Long versus Short Term Orientation PowerPoint and the chart illustrated in the “Background Information” section above.
  3. Navigate to the discussion below and post a substantive response to the following questions:
    1. Discuss which of the two types of orientation, “long term vs. short term,” is most likely to be adopted by a virtuous leader.
    2. Provide an example of a virtuous organization that uses either of the two (long-term or short-term) orientations.
    3. Share a Bible verse that helps support a virtuous leader and organization.
  4. Your initial response should:
    1. Be 200–300 words in length
    2. Include a minimum of two properly cited references from academic sources. For questions on APA style, go to the APA Style Page.

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