What is ESPN the mass media leader for sports, and

What is ESPN  the mass media leader for sports, and therefore has had to report on its own scandals, controversies, and hardships. Choose one incident where ESPN had to report on an incident involving one of its own employees.

In your initial post, describe the event and person involved, and then examine how ESPN reported this incident to external stakeholders.

As you create your initial post, consider these additional questions:

  • If the event/incident was controversial, was it downplayed, or given the right amount of attention?
  • If the event/incident was a hardship, was it over emphasized, or given the right amount of attention? Describe how well you thought ESPN did covering itself.
  • How much do you trust ESPN to address issues involving itself in the future?

In your responses to classmates, identify areas of agreement and disagreement, particularly regarding the communication to external stakeholders.

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